Hull Branch Forum Social Committee

In Hull there are many GMB Branches that are supported by the Hull GMB Office at Russell Street.

Some members of the GMB, from across all the different Branches have come together to participate in the Hull Branch Forum Social Committee.  The Forum was set up to organise and develop ways to bring members together for social events or gatherings as a way of either giving something back to those members and stewards or to fund raise for the next event.

Over the years the Forum has been very successful and raised funds, some from sponsorship, companies/organistion donations etc. in order to put on some fantastic and memorable events.  The Forum is best known for the Children’s Christmas Party and quiz nights.  The Children’s Christmas Party is something very dear to the Hull Branch Forum Social Committee, this provides a party for our members and stewards children, at a very low cost, whilst providing the children with presents, food, drink and entertainment – something to give back, which is at the heart, values and beliefs of those that sit on the Committee and ensure we deliver this every year.

Please note that none of this activity is funded via GMB membership monies – it is all via fundraising.

The Committee is made up of 7 GMB stewards and branch officials from different Branches in Hull.  We meet on a regular basis to make the necessary plans for the year ahead in terms of fundraising and events.

In your Branch, Helen Johnson and Toni Yel are part of that Committee.  Please contact us via email or mobile number above for any further information regarding the Forum or up and coming events.  All events will be posted on this website and we encourage all members, stewards to come along to be part of something really worthwhile, whilst meeting your fellow GMB friends and colleagues.

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